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Women deserve more, and I am creating an app that will do just that, provide more. WORTHIE is an app that allows women to manage their financial and insurance information on one platform.  The WORTHIE app provides access to bank balances, investment performance, real estate investments and so much more on one one platform.  


Welcome WORTHIE! My name is Raicheen Blanks and I am the Founder and CEO of The Worthonomics Company. My goal is to empower women to manage their worth by focusing on being financially secure, literate, and, most of all, confident in all aspects of their lives.​ I am on a mission to normalize women as investors through the power of education, strategy and execution. I've had a passion for finance and investing from a young age. I purchased my first stock when I was 19 years old and have been investing ever since. Once I learned the power of investing, I felt obligated to teach other women how to invest. This became the genesis of me starting The Worthonomics company. I know and understand that money is a sensitive topic for most. If fact, the average person will avoid the dreaded conversation at all cost. Good news is that women that follow the "Worthonomic way of life," realize the importance of financial literacy and understanding how money works. They have overcome the notion that women do not understand or even care about their finances and are aware of the comeuppance for those that do not.

Ladies it is time to change the narrative....women are making and managing their money like never before. We are on a mission to make our money work harder for us than we work for it.....

Welcome to the Worthonomic Way of Life.....

The Worthy Women's Money Survey



Financial security is essential to building wealth. It is important for women to prioritize spending to achieve financial security. This means you may have to forgo spending money on items like clothes and shoes in order to meet your investment goals. Analyzing spending habits will help identify your "pocket drainers"  in order for you to redirect those funds to investing. Establishing financial security allows you to be prepared for life's unexpected events. Maintaining good credit is also key to building wealth and will save you money in interest rate expense.


Understanding the difference between stocks and bonds is a key aspect of investing especially in terms of expected returns. Stocks and bonds are inversely proportionate to each other. Therefore when one goes up the other goes down. Both are ways for companies to raise capital. 

When an investor purchases stocks, he or she is actually acquiring ownership in that company. On the other hand, purchasing bonds, is lending money to the company in return for a specified interest rate for a specified length of time. 


Time in the market is key...the sooner you start investing the more time your money has to grow. I refer to time in the market as VALUABLE INVESTING YE​ARS (V.I.Y)....wealth is created by investing and giving those investments time to compound. The sooner you start, the sooner you put yourself on the path to financial freedom.

There is so much abundance out there for you. Make a decision to work hard to get it. Stay true to who you are and what you represent. Find what fuels your soul and feeds your pockets. Be specific, authentic and relentless with your intentions and have an unwavering faith in your ability to make it happen 



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