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The Worthonomics Company was established in 2018 as a worth management firm geared toward empowering women to become financially free through literacy, education and initiative. We had the notion to create an organization that empowers women to take a holistic approach at managing their worth in all aspects of their​ lives which we refer to as the "Worthonomic Way of Life." As women, we do not give ourselves enough credit when it comes to managing our finances. We are much more resilient than we think! Here at The Worthonomics Company, we focus on worth management through financial literacy in efforts to create stability, security, and freedom for all women. Education and discipline are key components of financial freedom. We believe that when you manage your worth, the wealth will follow.  

Worthonomics is a not a mere methodology or philosophy; it is a movement!


Our mission is to  normalize women as investors through education, strategy and execution in efforts to empower them to be financially secure, literate, and most of all, confident in all aspects of their lives.


I pledge allegiance to my worth, 

I will not compromise it

I will not forsake it

I will not disregard it

I WILL protect it at all cost

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